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So then, you haven't seen everything. I don't trust you. My acting got my brother killed. Yes,yes it is, now suck my cock. Pussies think everyone can get along and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through. You'd get your dick and your pussy all covered in shit! Then if I go down on you I get a movie part.

The infidels fired at the oil fields and they lit up like the eyes of Allah.

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So, the next time you shit, you'll shit all over your balls! So then, you haven't seen everything. It's too early for me to be having feelings for you. Comin' again to save the motherfucking day, yeah! I don't even know what that is!? Get out of here! We are growing by leaps and bounds with many new movie quotes listed daily.

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  1. Not a fan of hers and i dont think i ever seen this dood before but damm they make a fine team!

  2. she retired from porn and had a kid..she was on and off instagram frequently..for some reason she kept getting thrown off there..that baby weight can be a bitch to lose if a heffa got a man who loves big fine